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Here’s some tennis trivia for you: Would you believe that the racket sport of tennis has been played since the 16th century? It was developed from an earlier game played in monasteries where the monks used gloves to hit the ball back and forth. How many of your friends will be impressed with that one the next time you’re on the courts?

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What was the name of the man who stabbed Monica Seles? Which player was on the tennis court when Monica Seles was stabbed in 1993? Who was the winner of the women's singles at Wimbledon in 2016? Which American tennis player popularized metal rackets by first using a Wilson T-2000?

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A. 3 ft. from the outer edge of the singles side line, on opposite sides of the. B. 3 ft. from the outer edge of the singles side line, on the same side of the net. C. 3 ft. from the inside edge of the singles side line, on opposite sides of the net. Fun Trivia Questions On Tennis. Fun Trivia Questions On Tennis.

Ultimate Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers (2021 Quiz)

Tennis Quiz Questions. 1. Four tournaments make up the Grand Slam: The Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open, and…? 2. What type of material are tennis balls covered with? 3. The longest singles match in recorded history lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes, stretched over 3 days. Which 2 players competed in this match? 4.

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120 Tennis Trivia Questions to Improve your Basic. May 13, 2020. April 10, 2021. Sports. Tennis is called an aristocratic game, that has many attractions, rules, and fun. To know more about Tennis you will find these trivia questions very handy. Solve these tennis trivia questions and harness your concept on this gorgeous sport.

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Ultimate Wimbledon Quiz Questions. 1. In which year did the first Wimbledon tennis tournament take place? 2. Which female holds the most Wimbledon titles? 3. What was the score of the legendary 1980 fourth set tie-break between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe? 4. Which of these is the nickname for an ...

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About – players, matches, trophies, and stadiums. 42. Goran Ivanisevic is the only Wimbledon winner whose name alternates consonants and vowels. 43. Boris Becker is the youngest player ever to win a Wimbledon title. He is also the only unseeded player in history to win the prestigious title. He ... ...