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How to say "penny pincher" in Tamil

How to say penny pincher in Tamil. penny pincher. Tamil Translation. கஞ்சன்.

PENNY-PINCHER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

a person who is unwilling to spend money: He takes offense at the notion he's a penny-pincher, insisting all his workers are paid above minimum wage. Want to learn more?


Penny: đồng tiền xu, có giá trị 1/100 bảng (ở Anh), 1/100 Đô la (Mỹ, Canada). Pinch : giữ, cầm, nắm chặt bằng các ngón tay. Nghĩa rộng:

Penny pincher Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Penny pincher definition, a miserly or stingy person. See more.

What does penny pincher mean? - definitions

Wiktionary (3.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition: penny pincher (Noun) One who spends little money; one who is very frugal or cautious with money.

How to say "penny pincher" in Korean

How to say penny pincher in Korean. Korean Translation. 페니 핀처 peni pincheo. Find more words! ...

How to say penny-pincher in German - WordHippo

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How to say "penny pincher" in Hindi

How to say penny pincher in Hindi. Hindi Translation. पैनी पिंचर painee pinchar. Find more words!

English Idiom : Penny Pincher | Meaning | Example scenes ...

Please find below the link and list of all the idioms done so far:English idiom : To pay lip servicehttps://youtu.be/7UmHbB59BzQEnglish idiom : To be penny w...