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Kick Serve Domination Video Course - Online Tennis Instruction

Scott improved his kick serve significantelly in 90 minutes working with my kick serve domination training program and has this to say: If you have any questions about the course please email me at florian@onlinetennisinstruction.com. More Serve Power In 5 Min Per Day. $27.

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Kick Serves Like Roger (ASF 3.0 V#1) — Online Tennis Instruction

Reply. 1/ ball at contact is it inside the court… if so does his body slide into the court to hit up to impart top spin. 2/ what is the ball position at impact , in first serve is the ball more inside the court. Thank you.

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“My experience at a recent OTI Tennis Serve Clinic conducted by Nadim Naser was fantastic. With three participants, Nadim provided 5 hours of hands-on expert instruction on serve technique that included extensive video analysis of each participant”

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Because a kick serve requires, above all, proper body stretch and positioning and getting the racket and arm in the right position before launching UPWARD. You must stretch the proper muscles out off the court and get into the final racket position over and over again, getting the feel for this fully stretched position.

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Do you struggle with your second serve? Developing a great kick second serve could be a total game-changer for you!In this video OTI instructor Gregg le Sueu...

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The kick serve: one of the most difficult--and effective--shots in the game. Is there anything harder in tennis than learning a great kick serve? The topspin serve is, in my opinion, the most difficult shot in the game and arguably the hardest to teach.

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The kick serve adds subtle strategic advantages that can make a competitive difference. I remain cautiously optimistic that with more sport science study, the myth of the dangerous kick serve will be debunked, and American coaches will start teaching this serve to our young future champions.

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This kick-serve-only developmental rule helps my students permanently assimilate the kick with little chance of reverting back to old habits. Another added benefit of forcing players to hit only kicks: they will have to learn to win with their groundstrokes rather than by banging big first serves as so many young kids (especially in the US) try ...

Kick Serve Case-Study - YouTube

Most club-level tennis players struggle with their second serve. If you can develop a high-bouncing kick second serve, it can be a total game-changer for you...