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The Keys for a Good Block in Volleyball Are Footwork and ...

Take one big side step with the leg closest to the hitter. Cross your other leg in front of your body while still keeping your shoulders as square to the net as possible. Your hips will momentarily be angled toward the hitter. Take one more step with the first leg, squaring your hips with the net once again.

Volleyball Blocking - Strength and Power Volleyball

Double Block. A double block is when two players are working in unison to deflect an attacked ball at the net. It's a good strategy to put up a double block as often as possible to help prevent successful attacking. Triple Block A triple block is when three players jump up together at the net to block. A team putting up a triple block at the net is often difficult to do successfully.

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How to Block in Volleyball

One Hand Clamp Block in Volleyball. A one hand clamp block is best for when the set is tight but not tight enough to get two hands on the ball. You basically want to get to the ball the same time or a split second after the hitter does. Reach and get your whole hand around the ball as the hitter is hitting it.

Learning Volleyball Blocking - Tips for Successful Blocking

The key for successful blocking is to put the hands as close to the ball as possible. When penetrating to the other side of the net, you'll lose height off your block, which is absolutely fine. You should reach as far as possible to the other side - NOT as high as possible.

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In short to block a volleyball we would want to do the following actions. Have our hands up at shoulder level and squat down ready to spring upwards with an explosive jump. As we spring upwards we extend our arms above our heads, keeping our arms just a little less than ball width apart.

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A Stuff Block. A stuff block is incredibly satisfying as a defender! It’s when you line up that ball just right and deflect it back at your opponent or their floor just as hard as they hit it. Whether you bounce it off their face, their body or the floor in the general area, if you got a good clean ricochet, that’s a stuff block. A Tip or Dink

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A good defense is predicated by a quality block. While good passing and quality ball control are useful skills on defense, a successful block is the best way to stop or slow an attack. Volleyball blocking drills should be utilised to hone blocking technique, reaction time, and the ability to read plays. Blocking can be a challenging skill to practice, as many teams have just a few blocking players.