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Volleyball Cheers – for Tipping “tip, tip, tipper” “whoop whoop swish” (plus throw your hands up, wave them twice, then throw them down on swish) (Team makes a circle in the middle, everybody puts an arm up, points hand to the left, then right and cheers..) “Tip tip!” Volleyball Cheers – For Blocking

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It’s good to cheer after a block attempt is made, but even better when the block is successful. A successful block occurs when a player on the front-row (or multiple players) is able to jump and make contact with the ball so it is stopped before or just after it crosses over the net.

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Cheers After a Successful Block: For blocking, some shrill voices enthrall the spectators with some boosting volleyball cheers: After slamming the hands on the floor, or enacting a block and then setting the volleyball court on fire with:

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Team Spirit Cheers. 3,6,9 our serves are fine bump it to me, set it to me one more time get low, get low, put yo knee pads on the flo. (everyone yells) YOU KNOW! If you enjoyed these tips and would like to keep it close to you at any time, just save this pin to your Pinterest Volleyball Training Board

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Celebration Cheers after a Stuff Block "Awe access" (hit the floor) "Denied" ( when you say denied, raise your hands over your head so they can be seen) After a successful block, the person who got it says "BRICK" and the rest of the team goes "WALL".

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This channel will teach you all the cheers you need to know! Stay tuned for future videos!

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Once your team gets the ball back: (clap, clap) (and you scream!!) We got our ball, (clap, clap) they want it back... (clap, clap) x2. GOOO (team name)!!!! Get up, Let's Go, You're Taking it too Slow. You got to see that (team name) spirit. Come on fans let's hear it. (team name) Crowd yells back: " (the team name)!!"

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Ace: Stomp stomp clap stomp stomp clap stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ACE Other team hits ball out: 1, 2, Seeya Your team calls ball out and it's out:G-double o-d-e-y-e Goodeye Goodeye Spike: 1, 2 kaboom-boom Block: Captian yells BRICK everyone else yells wall!